At MIT Minerals, we are specialized in the small mine, which makes us unique

At MIT Minerals

We are a natural resource company with a specialization in small mining and processing of metals and minerals. We are one of the most diversified producers and marketers of natural commodities like Copper, Cobalt, Tin, Tantalum, and Tungsten. MIT Minerals operates multiple mining and metallurgical sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other regions. Our business purpose is to source natural commodities to the industries and businesses that develop advanced products for everyday life.

We use advanced techniques and methods for mineral extraction and processing by taking care of all the safety measures as per the industry standards. As a reputed operator in the mining sectors, we also understand our responsibility toward the environment and its protection. We provide a highly organized and legal working condition for better productivity and the safety of our workers.

As a responsible mine company, we produce, process, and market metals and minerals in cooperation with our partners at different stages of production and supply chain for sustainable growth. We value our relationships with our partners, stakeholders, investors, end-suppliers, and consumers to make sure a productive business environment for everyone. We value our assets and people working with us that reflect in our core business values – responsibility, safety, integrity, respect, and transparency.